This button controls toggles an overlay for files are displayed at an increased framerate ("pulldown") on an interlaced display, accomplished by repeating parts of a frame a second time (PAL) or occasionally a third time ("3:2 pulldown", for NTSC). The display is active when the file is encoded at the lower framerate (usually 24 FPS) but must be displayed for TV purposes at 50 or ~60 frames per second. The excerpt from the main dialog overlaying the top VGS screenshot shows that this file was encoded at 23.976 FPS but is intended to play back, on a TV anyway, at 29.970 FPS. This is less relevant on a computer, where it the player will probably just play it back at the lower frame rate, "non-interlaced" (progressive scan).

This feature is only available for certain MPEG-2 files and may still have a few bugs as of GSpot v2.60 vb00

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