Above is the main GSpot dialog. Unlike the VGS Subsystem (shown in other screenshots), there is currently no specific detailed help available - either within the program or on the website here - for all the different fields. This will be taken care of in a later version of GSpot, or at any rate, a later version of the website.

For now, simply note that every field (and its corresponding label) should give you at least a basic description of what it is. For example, in the image to the left, if the cursor is placed over either the "B|B" label or the field itself to its immediate right, the phrase "Maximum Consecutive B-frames" appears. For now that will have to do.

As an aside, notice the small VGS button to immediate left of the cursor in the image. That's small button is the one that brings up the VGS subsystem, if applicable, which is described in other screenshots elsewhere on this website.

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