We strive to bring you the most coveted, fashionable and affordable fashion jewelry around. It is a constant search for us, from the catwalks of Fashion Week to the ladies strutting down Main Street USA and of course the celebrities prancing down the red carpet, we research all of it just for you. It is every one's right to look fabulous and not break the bank at the same time. From boldly colored headbands to brightly painted wood bangles just to name a few, we have something for everyone and that is something that we will always promise to you, our fashionable customers!

Headband Bestsellers

Headband Styles of 2014

Purple Satin Bow

Name: Purple Satin Bow

This is the story of a love affair with headbands. Headbands are something that have been at the forefront and an ever present comfort in my otherwise hectic life. From the time I was born and, frankly, didn't even have a say as to how I was dressed, my mother propped me up and adorned my bald head with a bright pink and largely over the top elastic headband. I was being passed around and dressed into multiple ensembles each day as a treasured little infant. One thing that was always constant was that pink headband. Which, in hindsight, was probably merely to avoid having to answer the question, "Oh, is it a boy or a girl?" twenty five times a day.

Then came the single digit years of my life when I finally grasped that I had a say-so as to what I could accessorize with and you can be sure it was always a headband. Not only was it a practical way to hold my hair back, but it looked darn good too! Oh how this was an awakening. If only someone would have told me to treasure this moment of fashion being practical because in ten years I would be trying on high heels for the first time and it would have prevented the shock and horror that it had to be that painful to look that good.

Then of course came my teens, oh how I hate to look back at them and my mother shutters at them. What with the screaming at my sisters to stop wearing my clothes and yelling at her to allow me to hang out with the boys. What I don't mind is looking back at pictures because I rocked the headband the whole way through. Sure in the 80's it was the bigger the better, then we had the 90's when thinner could practically never be attained, hence the term "floss" gaining it's place slang-dom. Now that we're in the millennium it works out perfectly because we're a hodge podge of "anything goes!". You couldn't have gotten away with grunge looks in the 80's or shoulder pads in the 90's but try both of those looks combined and you'll be all but hailed in the 2000's. Look at Lady Gaga, she's a product of the hot and cold decades past.

Now in my 30's I see that there are many accessories that come and go, so many I have a closet full. What is to be pointed out is that there is one accessory that I have loved since birth and I am most certain I will wear until death and that is the headband. It's easy to wear, it brightens up your look, and it's always evolving with style. Some of the best headband trends I've seen for this new year of 2011 and decade frankly, are the ultra thin headband, the bow headband (nod to the 80's the bigger the better) and the ever present and never out down solid colored fashion headband. Whatever you choose, when it comes to the headband, you can't lose. This is why it's not only an accessory to me, it's a lifetime love affair.

Our Favorites

Black Bow Headband

Name: Black Bow Headband

A lot of people thought the bow trend was just going to come and go, but much to their surprise as we predicted it's still as popular as ever. Natalie Portman sports a sexy black bow headband in her new Dior ads and many celebs are rocking them both in the movies and while promoting them. Then of course there is the old standby Leighton Meester keeping up the headband trends on Gossip Girl. You can see the bow headband is a strong force all throughout 2011 and beyond.

Red Headband

Name: Red Headband

Red is a hot color trend for 2011. From the plain red headband to the red snakeskin to the red print headband, they all work perfectly with whatever you pair them with. If you're feeling like a jeans and t shirt day, pair them with a red headband and you're ready for anything in your fabulous ensemble!

White Headband

Name: White Headband

The white headband will just never go away and there's a reason why. It goes with anything! The white headband looks great on blondes, redheads, brunettes and especially sexy as the contrast on black hair. Wear a sexy sundress for a day of shopping or a lunch date with your besties and finish the look off with a white headband and you're ready to stun the ladies.

Thin Black Plaid Headband

Name: Thin Black Plaid Headband

Thin is always in, isn't? Yes this is not good news to all of us, but it is when talking of headbands! Everyone can rock the thin headband like a champion. This is not your mother's headband, this headband is thin, it's plaid and it's gorgeous. It shows just a hint of something in your luscious locks while holding them back just as a thick headband would.

Celebrity Headbands of 2014

As we move into the year of 2011 we are seeing some amazing new styles in the new decade especially amongst the fabulous celebrities. We are seeing a lot of color, glitz, avante garde ideas and the classics of course. The bow headbands are still going strong, but we have seen some new trends too like sequins, lots of stripes, color-block looks and pairing a wild print outfit with a boldly colored headband or just a black or white headband. There are so many fun ideas that we've compiled from the runways, the red carpets and gossip mags. Walk with us through these trends.

Celebrities are known for looking flawless, well sure we all would if we had a staff of stylists buzzing around us preparing us for the day. They are always dressed to the nines in the hottest trends and that's because it's their stylists job to watch the trends, go to the fashion shows and bring those fashions to the stars. Well consider us you're very own personal stylists!

Leighton Meester is the famed Blair Waldorf from the ultra popular Gossip Girl show. She is almost always rocking the headband in the funniest, most over the top way. There are many ways to get her exact look or a paired down version of that. For example, her huge bow headbands can be worn in a much smaller version like the little satin black, white, pink or purple bow headband we have. We also have metallic bow headbands which are super popular this year in fashion. Natalie Portman is the new spokes model for the latest Christian Dior perfume and in her ad she wear nothing but a tiny black bow headband. She is simply the hottest thing in Hollywood right now, so consider the bow headband the same.

Paris Hilton is a pseudo-celebrity of course, but there is no denying she is one of the most photographed women out there. Amongst the millions of those pictures is the ever present fashion accessory. One of her favorites is the headband. She loves white headbands and scarf headbands alike. She doesn't shy away from color either which we love. She wears a ton of colored headbands as well as prints. There is no end to Paris Hilton's headband wardrobe.

Sandra Bullock and Gwyneth Paltrow are celebrity moms that love to wear headbands. They prefer the thin headbands with their straight hair. They have both been seen in the very popular elastic headbands as well. Their hair stylists are very fond of pulling back their hair and putting it in a sleek ponytail or a wild and messy bun and finish off with slim solid colored elastic headband.

No matter which celebrities you love and adore, you can be certain we are on top of their fashions and how to find the sleekest, sexiest versions for the most economical prices to bring these styles to you. If you are a mom running around from soccer practice to the car pool or a 20 something working on your own and partying with the girls at night, we have something for everyone. Try us on, you won't regret it.

Fashion Jewelry Trends

Fashion Jewelry trends are fluid and always changing. It's almost a job to keep up on what's in style and what is so three days ago. From earrings to necklaces to bracelets to headbands, there is so much to choose from and the only rule is that is should always be fun. If you are a classic girl there is nothing wrong from staying with silver fashion necklaces and the basic blacks and whites. If you're the funky girl not afraid to take on a challenge, we've got a plethora of colors, textures and metals all waiting for you. Let's move through a couple trends here.

In fashion jewelry there are so many things to choose from. One of our favorites and best seller are the string earrings. These gorgeous geometric designs are super flattering, you'll be amazed at how many compliments you get. You can get these in solid colors of color combinations that bring out the beauty of the string earrings even more. Celebrity jewelry is often worth millions of dollars, but that certainly doesn't mean you have to in order to grab their look. We are always on top of the gossip blogs, gossip rags, runways shows and fashion magazines all in order to bring the most amazing celebrity jewelry options to you. Wholesale fashion jewelry is another service we provide you. We go out to find the best trends not only to help the shopper, but to help the shop owners alike. With amazing prices and a huge selection of wholesale fashion jewelry you won't need anyone else other than TanoJewelry.com. So as you can see from fashion jewelry to celebrity jewelry to wholesale fashion jewelry we have something for virtually every everyone. We stay abreast of the fashions, trends and celebrity styles so that you don't have to. Just adorn yourself in the beauty of our accessories and feel beautiful!

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